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We are regular jewelry company in Shenzhen, with factories in Bangkok, Thailand and entities jewelry sales showrooms, exclusive high-end jewelry. Genuine quality is guaranteed and you will be paid by Taobao in advance.
AKKANRA is a first class sightholder, long engaged in the wholesale natural nude drill for major processing plants to provide natural diamond jewelry. Diamond have been selected by our professionals layers. Each product has been are identified by the state agency the authority jewelry appraisal, and issue a certificate of authenticity, you can re-examination in any organization, quality guaranteed.
Buyers can come to Shenzhen directly to our showroom to select your favorite diamond, we have stock for your choice. When diamonds are selected,our designers can provide you personalized custom according to a picture or verbal description you provide, witch determines the style you like.
Through the network, by eliminating the need for expensive shop rentals, advertising and other costs, prices dropped significantly as possible. Upholding the concept of the network, we will be the best diamond vendors with the most affordable price point. Diamonds are a commodity with industry standards as we known, only one different level in the Diamond 4C will lead the prices increase or decrease exponentially, and we only comparison of goods and the same quality, genuine is our business principle. As the quality of the diamond determines its value, the diamond is never be a cheap and fine merchandise,it's just value for money. It is no best, only the most suitable. Meet your aesthetic, meet your requirements,and also meet your budget. That would be the right one for you.
You can be rest assured that you are using comfortably with our full service provided to you honorably.
Every piece of diamond jewelry we sell will be tailored to customer requirements and preferences. Work will take 7 days as custom cycle, (extended holidays).We will express to you as soon as possible. With urgent demand, please contact us to buy stock.


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